Hello world! If you’re following our Facebook page, you may have noticed that there have been some changes going on here near the corner of US 17-92 & SR 436- BIG changes. I’m excited to tell you that those changes are going to continue, to make what most of you know as “the Jai- Alai building” a great place in the community! The iconic building is getting a little bit of a face-lift and is now called Orlando Live Events. The building provides great spaces for private parties, expos, business gatherings, concerts, and more!

An Abbreviated Back Story

The Seminole County Fronton opened its doors in 1962 as central Florida’s one and only Jai-Alai gaming and gambling center. At that time, Jai-Alai was at its peak and the place was packed for every game they hosted. Along with Jai-Alai, in the off season, the Fronton also hosted many great musicians and served as a great concert and comedy venue. Acts like U2, Bruce Springsteen, and Elvis Costello, just to name a few, since no one likes a showoff. As the gambling laws in Florida began to change over the years, so did the demand and the turn out for the Jai-Alai games. The Fronton held pretty strong however, and still hosted some of the major Jai-Alai competitions, as well several seasons of amateur play. Although Jai-Alai is not as popular as it once was, we like to recognize the historic part in played here at Orlando Live Events.

The Venue: Here and Now

2017 is going to be a busy year for us. Not only are we in the process of revamping this awesome building, we’ve also got multiple shows, comedy acts, concerts, private party rentals, festivals, and more, all in the works. Comfy VIP sofa chairs, spacious restrooms, free parking, theater seating, multiple rental spaces, full bar service, and multiple catering choices are just a few of the things that make us stand out from our competition. Hospitality is a priority for us, as we want to make your event here a success. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email to set up a tour or book your next event! OLE is working hard to update the building, rekindle past community relationships, as well as make new ones, to make this your local venue alternative.  We hope to see you soon!

  • David

    Will there be any Jai Alai this year?

    • Star

      We will be playing our Quinella Season in June and July.

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